Financial support from business Finland

Fortaxpay has received financial support for the next phase of the project from Business Finland. We are developing AI-based solution to automate Customs declaration process and our aim is to make this process faster and easier to manage for all participants.

This Tempo project includes constant communucation between Business Finland and Finnish Customs experts. We are developing the system further and to carry out the internationalization phase as planned.

The end result of the project is to enable the development of a solution for the piloting phase.

Financial support from european regional development fund

Fortaxpay has received financial support for the project from the European Regional Development Fund. We are also cooperating together with The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Finland. (ELY Centres). We will use the support we receive to develop the system further and to carry out the internationalization phase as planned.

FTP provides consumers and SMEs the easiest and fastest way to complete e-Commerce buying process as well as customs declaration. For authorities, FTP provides a solution that reduces storage costs as well as speeds up the successful processing time of incoming goods. The application allows consumers to pay all customs, tax and other mandatory government fees in one application, as well as to settle and make payments to different parties.

In addition, the ForTaxPay app can be used to organize the transportation and tracking of purchases for consumers. The application also includes a short-term loan option to cover the costs incurred. The end result of the project is to enable the development of a solution for the MVP phase.


ForTaxPay Finland Oy is an IT company developing mobile solutions and applications for businesses and personal use.

Main office is based in Helsinki, but our staff and programmers have been divided around EU. We have been developing mobile applications for 10 years for various usage needs.

We are currently focused on developing and producing an automated mobile solution to complete the e-commerce purchase process


Since 2019, a European Commission regulation has mandated that all EU countries adopt new customs and taxation practices by no later than 2023.

This change is significant compared to the past, as it now requires the collection of value-added tax for all purchases under 22 euros, payment of customs duties for purchases over 150 euros and the submission of a customs declaration. These changes will add additional burden on national Customs and Tax authorities.


Is to be the first in the market and the preferred solution to all EU countries. When we are talking about technology trends, we have seen a clear need of an intelligent APP that will fasten the buying process especially in the EU area.

Our goal is also to be a pioneer in bringing artificial intelligence functions into the purchase process, as a result of which all parties will get a safer, faster and easier way to complete online purchases around the world.